Contenido-Primary Level Curriculum Content
Students in our primary immersion Montessori program will take part in individual and small group activities. Children can fulfill their need to explore their environment, and interact with their peers, both of which create a true love of learning. The youngest students generally learn how to adjust to the school day and follow the Montessori work cycle, which develops basic skills and lays the foundation for more advanced work. The older children meander through their environment exploring more complex math, geography, language, and science resources. However, nearly all of the Montessori materials are interrelated and appropriate for the age range because they follow a progression from simple to complex.

Additionally, students will develop bilingualism through vocabulary objects, songs, picture cards, and repetition and reinforcement of words by the instructor. However, students learn mostly through their older classmates, as the younger ones are eager to imitate their older peers as they navigate through their environment practicing and mastering language skills. Linguistically we will see students’ progress from advanced listening comprehension, to speaking in small words and phrases, and eventually using full sentences in both English and Spanish by the end of the three year cycle.

The content of our primary program is organized into the following areas: practical life, sensorial development, and academic sections such as math, science, history, geography, culture, nature study, music and movement, language and arts.

In order to help parents and children succeed, progress reports will be distributed midway through the academic year in January. In addition, a final report will be provided just before the culmination of the program in May.


In addition to the academic curriculum, on any given day you can find our students participating in activities such as art, for the development of fine motor skills, outdoor play, for the development of gross motor skills, singing and dancing, playing games, cooking, reading and telling stories, and many other engaging activities geared towards social development.

Horario del día-Daily Schedule
Our school day runs five mornings per week, three hours each day, from 9am-12pm and follows the attached school calendar. Our time is divided between individual student choice work time, small group time or circle time, as well as teacher student time. In addition to academic Montessori lessons, students enjoy singing and dancing, arts & crafts, cooking, story time, movement & development of gross motor skills through outdoor physical activity in our spacious yard. We also have a healthy snack menu for children to choose from. The schedule is generally as follows:

9:00am — La llegada: arrival & drop-off: student choice independent work
9:45am — Círculo Lección en grupo: Montessori circle lesson & small group work
10:00am — Tiempo libre: Free Exploration Activity
10:15am — Actividad en grupo: group activity (5 day rotation)
10:45am — La Merienda: snack time
11:00am — Cuentos, arte, música, baile, o canción en español: books, art, music, dance or song in Spanish
11:20am — Zapatos y Chaquetas: Wrap up, Shoes & Jackets
11:30am — Tiempo al aire libre: Outdoor Time
12:00pm — La Salida-Student department & mini parent/teacher conferences
12:00pm — Almuerzo Opcional-Optional Lunch
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