Home Based Program


Our Home Based Program
Our Casa de Niños, or Children’s House, delivers a Montessori environment which closely resembles all the securities and comforts of a child’s own home, making for an easy transition into our private school environment. It is an atmosphere that has several benefits and advantages over a larger public or center based program:

  • Children learn through play. A home is the most natural learning environment, offering practical life skills and experiences. Montessori Escuela encourages positive learning practices.
  • Our school provides care for multi-aged groups of children, allowing them to remain with the same teacher for many years, helping children develop a sense of trust and security.
  • Since the same teacher cares for the children all day, she can share comprehensive information with the parent about the child’s development and growth, as well as their challenges.
  • The parent-teacher relationship is often individualized and close.
  • Teacher has years of extensive education, training and experience working with children.
  • Multi-aged settings allow children to learn from one another and allow siblings to stay together.
  • In multi-age group settings, older children have the opportunity to lead, instruct, assume responsibility, nurture others and strengthen their own skills and knowledge. Younger children are exposed to more complex play, including advanced language and educational activities which they observe and imitate.
  • Because of the low adult to child ratio and small group size in Montessori Escuela, caring relationships, bonding, and attachment are cultivated. These are essential for brain development.
  • Studies suggest that children who received high‐quality care in the first few years of life scored higher in measures of academic and cognitive achievement when they were 15 years old and were less likely to misbehave than those who were enrolled in lower quality child care.
  • Our school environment closely match the child’s home environment and is unique to our community.
  • We are conveniently located in a family friendly neighborhood.
  • Montessori Escuela offers many opportunities for math, history, geography and science activities in the natural environment of a home and the outdoor area. For example, daily food and snack preparation allows children to practice counting place settings, observe liquids changing to solids and practice necessary skills such as pouring and measuring. Growing vegetables or flowers, collecting insects and leaves, and observing birds building a nest are examples of activities which build cognition in children.

Parent Involvement & Special Events
Parent inclusion is highly recommended and encouraged. We want you to share this experience with your child as much as possible. For that reason, we strive to maintain ongoing communication between parent and teacher on a regular basis. In addition, families are invited to join us for various events scheduled throughout the school year where, alongside your child, you are welcome to participate in activities such as art, life skills, cooking, holiday celebrations, the end of school year family barbecue, and more. We aim not only to create lasting memories at Montessori Escuela, but also to document them for future reference. During our end of year barbecue you and your child will enjoy perusing and signing your personalized school yearbook. Finally, we will celebrate many holidays and dress up monthly for school spirit days. Childhood is all about positivity and fun, so please come join us!