Montessori Escuela is located in our home on Ridge Road in Belmont, Massachusetts. In order to recreate Dr. Maria Montessori’s “Children’s House,” we have elegantly designed and converted the entire sunlit first floor of our home into classroom space. We have also transformed our beautiful yard for students in the program. Each individual child has a small plot of soil reserved for nature and gardening. Inside the classroom, our slate fountain, living plants and flowers, flickering flame-less candles, tea service sets, child sized furniture and decor, shelves chock-full of Montessori equipment, and tranquil background music sets the scene for the delicately prepared environment that Dr. Maria Montessori’s method was so gracefully based upon. The beauty of the classroom creates the peaceful environment that our little ones so deeply deserve and enjoy. We are so proud of our special space for children and we await your visit to our classroom.